Abstract Submission

Call for Abstracts

PAIRS invites you to submit your original scientific research or educational exhibit abstract to be considered. Depending on the number of submitted abstracts and their quality, the abstracts will be selected for either program or for eposter presentation.

Abstracts submissions are accepted until January 20, 2022 (18:00 Dubai time +4 GMT). Any abstract received after the deadline will not be accepted. Upon completion of evaluation an ‘Accepted’ or ‘Rejected’ email will be sent to each application submitted. The result of the evaluation will be send approximately 14 days after deadline submission.

Accepted abstracts will be published in the Arab Journal of Interventional Radiology (AJIR)

Abstract Categories

  • Vascular interventions
    • Aortic interventions
    • Peripheral arterial diagnosis and interventions
    • Venous interventions
    • Dialysis interventions
    • Embolization
  • Neurointerventions
    • Stroke
    • Embolization
    • Carotid Interventions
    • Intra-Cranial Aneurysms
    • Brain & Spinal Avms And Dural Fistulae
    • Spine Interventions And Pain Management
  • Interventional Oncology
    • Chemoembolization
    • Radioembolization
    • Locoregional treatments
  • Non vascular interventions
    • Hepatobiliary
    • Gastrointestinal
    • Genitourinary
    • Musculoskeletal
    • Thoracic
  • Diagnostic imaging topic pertaining to IR
    • HCC diagnosis and follow up after IO treatments
    • PAD and venous assessment.
    • Dialysis access evaluation
    • Radiation technology and safety/nursing/quality
    • Marketing of Interventional radiology business
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