08:00-10:00, Friday, March 1, 2019

  • Early TIPS for Ascites
  • Optimizing your TIPS: Shunt Size, Gradients and Adjunctive Embolization
  • TIPS in Budd Chiari
  • Embolization of Ectopic Varices. BRTO Indications and Technical Considerations
  • Acute and Chronic PV Thrombosis. The Many Ways to Get it Done
  • Primary Stenting for Malignant Biliary Structures
  • IR Endoscopy: How to Start Your Practice


  • To understand the venous anatomy and its relevance prior intervention.
  • Be familiar with recanalization techniques and materials
  • Updates on new devices


H. Al Suhaibani (KSA)
Z. Haskal (USA)
M. Shaker (Egypt)
W. Saad (USA)
R. Salem (USA)
J. Bell (UK)
K. Hong (USA)

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