HALL 1, Saturday, FEBRUARY 27, 2021

  • Drug Eluting Devices: Is the risk totaly eliminated?
  • Bioabsorbable Stents: Myth or reality?
  • Intravascular Lithotripsy for Calcified Lesions: When and
  • Endovasular Treatment of Popliteal Aneurysms: How to
    choose the stentgraft
  • Endovascular Management of Erectile Dysfunction
  • Extra-Anatomic Endovascular Femoro-Popliteal Bypass:
    When and how
  • Best Choice of Imaging during the Intervention (DSA,
    IVUS, Perfusion
  • Percutaneous Deep Venous Arterialization: Realistic
    option for “No Option” CLI
  • BTK: Best materials and approaches
  • Pedal Access: Tips and tricks
  • BTK Angioplasty Endpoints: One, two or three vessels?
  • BTK Angioplasty: When to stop during the intervention?
  • BTK: Place of surgery


  • Understand the rationale of foot evascularization.
  • Be familiar with different materials and techniques


  • H. Kobeiter (France)
  • S. Muller-Hulsbeck (Germany)
  • H. Vernhet-Kovacsik (France)
  • F. Aladham (Jordan)
  • T. Ammar (UK)


S. Muller-Hulsbeck (Germany)
S. Steiner (Germany)
J. van den Berg (Switzerland)
P. Desgranges (France)
N. Diehm (Switzerland)
C. Del Giudice (France)
R. Loffroy (France)
F. Elmasri (USA)
A. Elsaadany (UK)
M. Manzi (Italy)
H. Abada (UAE)
S. Sabri (USA)
P. Desgranges (France)

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